OpenOffice 3.0 beta

Free is a complete office suite which in addition is free
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Alternatives to Microsoft Office continue to improve. is a complete office suite that in addition is free and gains friends day after day. released its 3.0 Beta version, this testing version follows a continuous development, and in its every day way to success approaches more and more in functions to the well-known suite of Microsoft. In this Beta version the general aspect has changed , new extensions were added like Start Center that will help you to choose what kind of document you want to create, backup for another type of formats (ODF 1,2 and initial support for Microsoft´s Open XML), without forgetting that this is the first version with Mac support.
OpenOffice suite includes Writer, Draw, Calc, Math, Impress and Base.
Calc can work with 1024 columns and it incorporates the Solver component, the collaborative edition and the graphics component has been improved. Writer can show several pages in its edition mode and it has an improved note function. Besides it has a new graphic interface and some improvements have been done in the engine. Also they assure that you will be able to export/import to/from pdf files.

Review summary


  • Free!!
  • 100% compatible
  • PDF/A support


  • Sometimes when trying to save a file it causes it to blow up
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