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Creates, manages and modifies documents and presentations
zaker — 4 years ago
A comment is unnecessary, the rating is 5.
l Burton — 6 years ago
I have installed this previously on an old desktop PC and it's brilliant!
DavePC000 — 9 years ago
Great for free...
Sylvain_B — 9 years ago
Some good features that don't exist with Microsoft Office.
Guest — 9 years ago
Multi dimentional, helps for reading and managing global files. Thanks Open Office. Professor ALABDALLAOUI Casablanca (Kingdom Of Morocco)
cylon — 9 years ago
the best office software, and it is free
carstorm — 9 years ago
The same thing as Microsoft Office...Except free!
Hifzu — 9 years ago
it's good
Guest — 9 years ago
very useful
Sandeep Onkar — 10 years ago
Best Alternative to SLUGGISH MS office 2010 .....
Guest — 10 years ago
Best Office program
Syed — 10 years ago
I wish Open Office also has some integrated features like windows i know that MS Office is different, for that only i just wished
scoupe — 10 years ago
perfectly running...
Guest — 10 years ago
Excellent program for those of us who can't afford to buy Microsoft or aren't prepared to download an illegal copy.
Paul Bastings — 10 years ago
Good Program
klischee — 10 years ago
bearbottoms — 11 years ago
The best free office suite...that simple.
seselepen — 11 years ago
free ms-alternative
Guest — 11 years ago
Open Source Rocks!!! For the People - By the People Just like Democracy
Susanne Ostrander — 11 years ago
Alied Pérez Martínez — 11 years ago
free, helpful, no bloated fancy features, but really useful features. great feedback
Edward — 11 years ago
no problems
Renegade — 11 years ago
If you need or just want real descent office utilities and dont want to pay the high prices that these programs come with, Open Office is a great free open source program. Definitively worth trying
tosser — 11 years ago
it's free
Guest — 11 years ago
Better WP and Presentation software than MS Office
Guest — 11 years ago
Free !
vitor sequeira — 11 years ago
Very good
Crash — 11 years ago
the best
gUAno — 11 years ago
good office
Joel — 11 years ago
free office suite
Guest — 11 years ago
better than MS Office 2003
Sneetsher — 11 years ago
Very nice using his own native file format!
Guest — 11 years ago
Who would use MS Office when you can have OpenOffice for free?
Guest — 11 years ago
A splendid free alternative to Microsoft Office, compatible with it too!
Roberta Palmer — 11 years ago
I've used several different versions of this program, as well as other more expensive programs. is by far the best, and the easiest, to use of them all. Keep the updates coming!
Mike Magin — 11 years ago
Man; who needs vb6.0 studio or word or notepad etc.. This has it all.
Guest — 11 years ago
bug free quality
Guest — 11 years ago
1 best
Marko Sučić — 11 years ago
Free and mighty
Guest — 11 years ago
Does all that microsoft can do for free - well done SUN
Guest — 11 years ago
quality work for the price, very compatible and easy to use.
Barry Ward — 12 years ago
Best free office suite.
Inkie — 12 years ago
Much better than Microsoft Office and still reads all of Microsoft's formats!
PatheticCockroach — 12 years ago
open source equivalent of MS Office, works great and on Linux too
thomas.merz — 12 years ago
fine, very useful
Radek H — 12 years ago
Reda Radwan Taha — 11 years ago
Very Practical Free Office suite (Open Source) Free
Guest — 12 years ago
Guest — 12 years ago
its easy to use and, of course, free software
David Woodward — 12 years ago
Excellent Freeware. Great way to educate the planet...FREE. Use it on all my system builds...Luv it!
Guest — 12 years ago
loooove OpenOffice!
Gamal Liranzo — 12 years ago
Guest — 12 years ago
I do simple tasks and it has never let me down.
Guest — 12 years ago
Very Good.
Guest — 12 years ago
I can't believe it is free!
microsoft you have a contender
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