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No specific info about version 4.01. Please visit the main page of on Software Informer.

This suite contains the following programs Writer Writer Base Base
Base is a fully featured desktop database management system. Calc Calc Calc is an all-purpose spreadsheet program.
Apache OpenOffice Draw Apache OpenOffice Draw
It gives you the tools to communicate with graphics and diagrams. Impress Impress
It is a program for creating effective multimedia presentations. Math Math

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    l Burton 9 months ago

    I have installed this previously on an old desktop PC and it's brilliant!

  • 3
    Afinogen Last year

    Free! And does just the same job as MS Office. Who needs MS Office anymore? Noone!

  • 3
    Ann 3 years ago
    Pros: Free, bug reporting, frequent updates
    Cons: Limited fonts,some formats are not compatible

    OpenOffice completes its main purpose to provide a full-fledged open source office suite, but some advanced features of MS office are missing.

.smf 5.0 Formula
.sdc 5.0 Spreadsheet
.sdd 5.0 Presentation
.sdw 5.0 Text Document
.sgl 5.0 Master Document
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